Top 5 Essential Ink Gifts For The Holiday Season

Sherilee B

With the temperature dropping, the leaves falling and the weather changing, we are anxiously looking forward to the Holiday season and creating our “gift lists” for everyone. Essential oils and aromatherapy products are the perfect addition to your shopping list this year, no matter who is on it. Giving a gift that shows you care about someone is the perfect gifting opportunity. 

Here are our Top 5 Essential Ink Gifts for 2021: 

Aromatherapy Pen & Oil Sets 

These unique gift sets let you customize your gift to perfection by choosing the color of the pen & different oils. Give someone the gift of relaxation, calm or focus. Holiday options are available as well to bring home the nostalgia and warmth of the holiday seasons in a bottle. 

Rollerball Necklace

Keep your essential oils close at all times with these lovely rollerball necklaces. Simply twist off the cap, fill the bottle and replace the cap. Anytime you need the aromatherapy benefits, open the top and roll on the oils. Works great for stress, anxiety and focus.

Gratitude Appreciation Christmas Ornament

Whether you are shopping for an avid journaler or just a jotter, these ornaments are perfect. The small size makes them perfect for hanging on the tree and each year they can add notes about the year to the journal. These ornaments can become heirlooms for future generations to look back on the highs and lows of past years. These affordable, and adorable, treasures are sure to be appreciated. 

Embossed Leather Journals

These gorgeous, unique journals are handcrafted with quality and perfect for filling with dreams, goals & intentions. Give the gift of inspiration and appreciation with an assortment of available options including books with gemstones to help channel feelings, emotions and thoughts.

Genuine Rainbow Fluorite Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace

This gorgeous Rainbow Fluorite pendant necklace has a little vial inside that will hold your essential oil. Fluorite is about truth, intelligence, consciousness, purification and harmony. Give with an Essential Ink essential oil blend of your choice or wrap and present the necklace alone for the receiver to choose their own blends. 

Gift giving doesn’t have to be difficult! It is, afterall, about the thought and love put into each wrapped package and handwritten card. May the Holidays bring you all joy and laughter this year, and every year to come.

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