Why use the Essential Ink Aromatherapy Pen?

Did you know that writing your goals and dreams in ink makes them far more likely to manifest. Did you also know that our sense of smell is directly wired to our limbic system which is why we have an emotional response to aroma before we have a logical one. This is why inhalation of essential oils is more important than the topical application.

When essential oils are inhaled, they are going directly to our Limbic System which is at the centre of our memory, emotions and motivation. This makes the Essential Ink pen the perfect tool to write your manifestations!

Simply add your favourite essential oil (to get you into the manifesting mindset) to the wick provided. The cap is a filigree so the essential oil aerates through the top. Hold it up to your nose, take a deep breath in, hold it, and breath out through your mouth. Inhale. write. manifest. repeat. 


 Oh and just an FYI, the Essential Ink pen is also perfect for work and school, because, well, it’s awesome!