Essential Ink Aromatherapy Pen Instructions


Congratulations on your new essential ink aromatherapy pen! This pen is more than a writing tool. It is a personal oil diffuser and inhaler as well. Use this pen with your favourite essential oil at work, school, for journalling or writing the next best seller! We inspect each pen before it goes out to our customers, but if for some reason you have an issue, please contact customer service right away at info @essential.Ink and we will replace it for you. Each pen has a 30 day Warranty. 
Enjoy your pen! 


I essential ink pen / 1 ink refill / 5 cotton wicks / 1 velvet carry pouch

Essential oil Aromatherapy Instructions

Step 1: 

Place three or four drops of your favourite essential oil onto the Cotton Wick provided. 

Step 2:

Unthread the stainless steel cap from the top of the pen. Slide wick into the barrel.


Step 3: Thread cap back onto the pen


How to change the ink refill

Step1: Pull pen apart in the middle

Step 2: Unthread ink refill (just the black piece) 

Step 3: remove ink, refill and replaced by inserting, new refill and threading back into place. Push pen back together.