Our Top 5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Sherilee B

It’s time to get ready for Mother’s Day! Prep the bubble bath, plan out what you’ll be serving her for her well-earned breakfast in bed, and make sure her gift is wrapped and ready to get her day off to the best possible start. We can’t do much but offer a reminder and moral support if you want to knock those first two off your list, but we can certainly give you a hand with some gift ideas!

  • Purple Aromatherapy Pen or Green Aromatherapy Pen
    We’re starting off with our staple item, of course. We offer our pens in a wide variety of colours but for this list, we’ve picked purple and green to best match the spring season and feminine energy of Mother’s Day. You can help mom keep things soft and peaceful with these muted tones.

  • Lavender Oil Wicks
    And if you’ve gotten your mom the first item on our list or if she’s already a lover of our Essential Ink Pens, here’s a great second addition to round that gift out! Help your mom stay calm and relaxed on the go with these wicks infused with the classic anxiety-fighter of lavender essential oil. Lavender essential oil is a good choice especially if you’re looking to introduce her to the essential oil life.
  • Brown Leather Heart Embossed Journal
    With a beautiful pen and soothing scents to guide her hand, she needs somewhere to use them, doesn’t she? You can show her how deep your love goes with this intricately embossed leather cover and masterfully crafted cotton pages. Give mom the gift of inner peace and somewhere to gush about all the wonderful things you’ve given her for Mother’s Day.
    Fun tip from us: the cherry on top for this gift is a note from you on the front page!
  • Glass Oil Roller
    Now if your mom is already well on the essential oil train, here’s a beautiful glass roller bottle with a sophisticated rose gold cap that would make a great way to help mom take her oils on the go. It can be tossed in a purse, kept in a car’s glove box, or look beautiful on top of her vanity.

  • Rainbow Fluorite Vial Pendant
    If mom wants something a bit more inconspicuous in the same vein as the rollerballs, we have our Rainbow Fluorite Vial Pendant! To anyone else, it looks like a simple stone pendant, very on trend. But a few drops in the chamber will give her a subtle burst of any essential oil of her choosing. Easy, simple, and available in both silver and gold finish.

  • There’s something for everybody on this list. Sometimes, the labours of life (stress, work, chores, or all of the above) can drive a wedge between mom and her connection to herself. Give her the gift of that reconnection; help your mom spark her femininity again! She’ll be thanking you for it for years to come.

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