How to Create what you want using the Essential Ink Pen

Jada Bohmer

Using  your Essential Ink Pen as an Olfactory Anchor

What is Olfactory Anchoring? 

Have you ever heard of Jordan Belfort? (The Wolf of Wallstreet) He trained his mind to switch emotional states with a SMELL, in the same way that Pavlov trained his dogs salivate at the SOUND of a bell.

In Pavlov’s experiment, he trained his dogs to salivate when they heard a bell. Every time the bell rang, they were rewarded with food, until the bell became linked with a tasty treat.

Likewise, Jordan Belfort used this same mechanism to link a particular smell with a desired emotional state of certainty and confidence.

Smells are a powerful stimulus. Unlike our other senses, a smell triggers intense emotions and memories. For me, as a kid, every time a smelt a cigar, it reminded me of Disneyland (back then people could smoke in the It is thought that this is because the olfactory bulb has a direct connection with brain areas that are strongly implicated in emotion and memory: the amygdala and hippocampus.

Here's how it works:

First: Choose an Anchor.

This could be success, confidence, knowingness, absolute certainty or whatever high vibrational emotion you choose.

Second: Set the Anchor.

This is where we link that feeling of success, confidence etc, to a certain and unique smell. This could be an essential oil you blend together to create your own unique smell, or Essential Ink's 'Dear Universe' for example.

 The only way to set this legitimate anchor is to wait until you organically enter a high vibrational state of absolute certainty. Think of a memory where you received something you wanted, or the success you achieved when you did something great! Feel the feeling! The stronger the emotional charge the better. You want the memory to create a feeling of absolute certainty of confidence and success. 

Then, grab your essential Ink pen filled with your unique essential oil and sniff for three seconds, Ten seconds later, take a second whiff.

The anchor should become stronger when stacked. So to be safe, repeat this process a couple more times until the linkage is engrained.

The next time you need a dose of confidence, just grab your pen and tap into that power! Over time your subconscious will associate that great feeling with that smell. So when you want to feel good, take out your pen and smell it! 






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