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Essential Oils ~ An Amazing Journaling Tool

AppsLabz Solutions Collaborator

Did you know that the essential ink pen provides a whole new practical way of getting essential oils to your nose. Why is that important? When we smell a scent, odour molecules enter the nose, traveling up the receptor site. One of those is the limbic system or the emotional part of the brain. the limbic system is also connected to the parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress and hormone balance. It's the connection between smells and the nervous system that explains why essential oils have such a psychological and physiological effect. But inhaling essential oils is not just good for journaling, here is a list of other uses for essential oil inhalers such as the essential ink pen. 

1. pre labour and post-op surgery

2. Labour

3. Students before and during tests

4. Focus and Concentration

5. PMS

6. Anxiety

7. Pain

8. Memory

9. Stress

10. Road Rage

11. Stamina

12. Eating Disorders and Weight Loss

13. Nausea and Morning Sickness

14. Colds and Flu

15. Bronchial ailments

16. Sleep Issues

17. Calming Children 

Most studies found that inhaling essential oils in a personal inhaler for 1-5 minutes had the greatest effect elating up to 35 minutes at a time, repeating as often as needed. 






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